Cleaner Canberra – Cleaning Brilliance, is a company based in the city of Canberra in Australia. “We are a local business, running for over 25 years, which specialises in a variety of services including carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.” “Our business aims to give our customers with the best possible service, at the lowest possible price.” “We specialise in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window washing, window tiling, and all aspects of general house cleaning.”

Cleaner Canberra  Cleaning Brilliance

Cleaner Canberra

Cleaner Canberra also has an online shop where they sell a range of cleaning products. “We offer a variety of cleaning products, including cleaners for carpets, draperies and furniture, wall to wall carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and steam cleaning.” Their cleaning products include a range of products that clean walls, ceilings, floors, draperies, drapery hangers and sofas, floor mats, and so on. Their most popular product is their Carpet Cleaner. This is the best selling product in the Cleaner Canberra shop.

Cleaner Canberra is one of the few companies that offers their services to the international market. They have offices around the world, all located in major cities such as Sydney, Barcelona, Paris, London, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, New Delhi, Beijing, Bangalore, Seoul, Bangkok, and Shanghai. They are based in Australia and New Zealand. Cleaner Canberra has branches in China, India, the US, the UK, Canada and in the Middle East. They even have an office in China, where they offer their cleaning services.

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