Evergreen Roofing in Charlotte NC trusted website has given me a few reasons why they are one of the best companies in North Carolina for roofing. I have always felt that the way I do business with a company, the things that I am going to get in return should be worth it. With this roofing company, I am definitely getting my money’s worth. The way the customer service is always outstanding, the quality of work and materials used, the attention to detail in the installation, and the promptness of service all around. They take pride in their work. After the job is done, the response time was almost instant.

The owner came out on the day scheduled to give the roofing check up and explained to me exactly what we would be doing and how long the entire process usually takes. He took his time explaining to me why proper roofing maintenance is important and how much quicker he could tell you that the roofing will probably need replacing rather than a repair. He also let me know that Rose roofing is not only a roofing company, but they also perform roof repair and roof installation in any of your needs.

The entire time I was there, I met some of the other roofers that work there and they were very happy to share some great information and some roof repair techniques that they use regularly. The roofing team is always on hand and ready to help any customer that may need them, whether it’s an emergency roof replacement or just a small roofing repair. The prices are very reasonable for a service that guarantees a lifetime of roofing. They are always willing to go higher if the customer requires it. For anyone that needs a new roof, from the amateur to the professional, the entire team of roofing professionals at Rose Roofing in Charlotte NC can help.

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